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Job Description

Titanium Technologies is a global group of R&D centers and innovative companies from Israel, Europe (Ukraine and Moldova), and Central Asia (Kazakhstan). Founded in 2014, the company offers diverse capabilities – from tech help and R&D to global startup ecosystem management and venture studio services to support startups in their way to success. We create products for Blockchain, FinTech, E-commerce, IoT, Telecom, Medical, Entertainment, and other industries.

Our main requirements are:
▫ 1-2 years of hands-on experience with React Native
▫ 3 years of hands-on experience in software development
▫ Familiar with TypeScript
▫ Hands-on experience with native iOS development (Obj-c/Swift)
▫ Understanding of clean code concepts, design patterns, OOP
▫ Experience with REST API, WebSockets, Push Notifications
▫ Experience with mobile stores submission & review process
▫ Familiar with popular libraries/frameworks (React Navigation, Redux, Axios, MaterialUI, Native Base etc.)
▫ Intermediate level of English (B1-B2) and good communication skills

Will represent a huge advantage:
▫ Experience with React
▫ Experience with CI/CD
▫ Experience writing tests

We offer:
▫ An open attitude towards new frameworks and technologies
▫ Hybrid working (office, home)
▫ Free lunches and English lessons, 50% payment for personal PC
▫ Additional trainings, certifications, courses, and books provided by the company

Feel free to contact us 🙂 Use the e-mail below to send us your CV and let us know you’re interested in the job ➡ [email protected]