Things to think of when hiring or working remotely

Even with the remote work, companies experience shortages with Human Resource in IT. Companies in different markets wage fierce wars on each other in terms of battling for HR professionals and now it’s even easier to do this because the remote jobs offerings can go outside the limits of your geography.

But even with all that, there are some things to think about before hiring someone remotely (or even getting hired remotely).:

  1. Lack of transparency with candidates. You can hardly know the candidate, it’s unlikely you’re even 3 handshakes away from each other. Of course you can also install time trackers, screenshot makers and other software, but what there is a change you need to think in broader terms, maybe you’ll even have to change the IT infrastructure, create VPNs, provide secure ways to communicate, arrange virtual desktops. Or should you not worry and trust your colleagues? Probably you should, the question is how do you build trust.
  2. Candidates don’t know your company. Yes, you’ve got a fancy website and a good LinkedIn, but who are you essentially? Who works for you? How do you communicate with them? How do you pay them? Who are your customers? Will your customers truster your new employees.
  3. Legal framework. What kind of agreements does your legislation require to make remote work legal, tax-optimized and protected by law? Another issue is IP leak. Besides formal part, your potential employees can leak their work even intensionally, how do you mitigate that?
  4. How do you make sure the candidates are motivated? Yes, you can have a webcam call, but how do you know the candidate feels ok, is motivated and has fire in their eyes?