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Eremenko & Polomani is an Estonia-based boutique consultancy founded in 2021. Our story was started in 2011. Our core practices: Cloud Consulting, Digital Advisory, Creatoring.

Our main resource is an international team of talented consultants and software engineers. Our team has wide technical, functional and commercial expertise.

Eremenko & Polomani works with clients of all sizes: from small startups to macrosystems.

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  1. Bazaleva Tatiana
    March 7, 2022

    Good day,
    I am willing to apply the Eremenko & Polomani. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any direct position on the official web-site. I am open to negotiations for any kind of options for System analyst. I would like to send my CV to get to know each other better. Please, contact me via email.
    Best wishes

    Bazaleva Tatiana

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